The research is aimed to test the ripeness of the architectural debate to find intersections and points of tension between the theory and operation of composition. Many of them recall the centrality, in training staff, developing a familiarity with the city: to recognize the settlement structures, identify the layers, especially in times of transition between the modern and the contemporary; remove the interactive process between architecture and cities, to go into the mechanism of project construction, capture the direction and extent of subjective and objective constraints of place and architectural components that conform them.

Much of the research carried define and measure, through the study of subjects and languages​​, architecture guidelines.

I analyzed in this research theories and pieces of reality in the form of design themes. Themes formulate questions, through and transform the material available to the architect, synthesize, open up the possibility of knowledge. the sensibility to the interrelationship, architecture is useful for sensibility to the interrelationship, the curiosity for gadgets and theoretical/ technical devices for the construction of space.

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Orazio Carpenzano